BCLA Scholarships

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The Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts offers several Scholarships for eligible students. To be considered, you should apply through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) system.

General Eligibility

All need-based financial aid awards and many other aid awards are determined in whole or part by the information submitted as part of a student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students can submit their FAFSA to LMU even before applying for admission. LMU Financial Aid recommends applying for aid as soon as possible, beginning October 1st of each year; however, FAFSA information is only processed by LMU after a student receives an offer of admission.

To learn more about completing your FAFSA and financial aid eligibility at LMU, please review the information linked below:


If you have applied for the FASFA, you will be automatically matched to any of the BCLA Scholarships for which you meet the criteria. 

The 2022-23 FASFA application deadline is June 30, 2023.

The 2023-24 FAFSA application deadline is June 30, 2024. 

  • BCLA Advisory Board Scholarship: For undergradute and graduate students. Need not required but can be considered.  

    Carol Sullivan Scholarship: Need can be considered if need is great. Merit based UG in BCLA Selected by Dean of BCLA & FAO on top.

    Conley Scholarship: Awarded to an Undergraduate student in BCLA. 

    Edgar D. Cahn Scholarship: High financial need and talented. Enrolled in BCLA Honors Prgm; Min GPA 3.25

    Elias Atol Veteran's Scholar: Undergraduate Veteran of the US Armed Forces

    Engh, S.J. Scholarship: High financial need for undergraduate student in BCLA of a GPA 3.3 or higher

    John & Maria Laffin Scholarship: Full time undergraduate student; in interdisciplinary Asian and Pacific Studies Program; strong academic standing. 

    John H. Rolfs Scholarship: Awarded to BCLA student in Economics majoring or minoring in Economics. 

    Kasimatis Scholarship: High financial need. Awarded to an Undergraduate student with a GPA of 3.0

    Kilroy Endowed in BCLA: High financial need, GPA of 3.0 and also exhibit leadership potential. Must be US citizen. Undergraduate student.

    Liberal Arts Endowment: Available to Undergraduates and one Graduate student per year; Liberal Arts major

    Mayr-Leahy Scholarship: High financial need for BCLA student who is undergraduate or graduate.

    Michael Leahy Scholarship: Awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in humanities courses BUT not majoring in humanities. Must maintain 3.0 GPA.

    Rita P. Garvin Scholarship: 3.5 GPA; demonstrate leadership in high school community church or work experience. Perm resident of western US Preference to students from CA or AZ. Preference for students with with large amounts of loans. Financial need is required. 

    Robert Tyo Endowed BCLA: High financial need. Awarded to an Undergraduate in BCLA. 

    St.Onge Liberal Arts Scholarship: Awarded to students studying in Liberal Arts. 

    Tarantino Family Annual Scholarship: High financial need. Awarded to Undergraduate student with a GPA of 3.0

    Uberoi Foundation Yoga Studies: Awarded to a Graduate Student enrolled in Masters of Yoga Studies Program.

    William F. Fitzgerald Scholarship: High financial need. Spring term award.

    Williamson Scholarship: Undergraduate student with a GPA 3.0 in BCLA

    Yoga Studies Scholarship: Awarded to a Graduate student who must be enrolled in Yoga Master of Arts program. Merit based. Need can be considered but not required. 

  • B.Rollofson Endowed Scholrship: High financial need, undergrad students majoring in English must have a GPA of 3.0. Preference to Delta Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Delta Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society.

    Georgianna Atol Endowed Scholarship: High financial need. Awarded to an Undergraduate in the English department. Must be pursuing a degree in teaching English. Must be US citizen.

    George F. Montgomery Scholarship: Student must be an English major minor or major within BCLA and enrolled in an English class. Must submit an original Gothic horror short story or academic study of Gothic or horror fiction excluding the works of Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer. Min 5 pages judged by English Dept.

  • B. Dockweiler Crahan Scholar: Must be a California resident and History major. 

    J.S. Dockweiler Scholarship: History Majors with experience in student leadership

    LeCuyer Scholarship: Majoring in the Department of History.

    Richard Rolfs History Scholarship: Awarded to History majors with academic achievement both in History and with a GPA 3.0.

    Zwijsen Scholarship in BCLA: High financial need for Undergraduate students majoring in History.

  • Jewish Studies Scholarship:  Undergraduate students in Jewish studies.

  • Halikis Family Endowed Scholarship: High financial need or merit award with a minimum GPA of 3.0 for undergraduate student with a minor in Modern Greek Studies

    Peter B. Caloyeras Scholarship: Summer award for the Odyssey program.  High financial need considered but not needed. GPA of 3.0.

  • E. Schulz-Bischof Scholar: This is a scholarship for either a summer student fellowship in West Europe or student studying Modern Languages.

    Lester Memorial Scholarship:  Undergraduate student with a GPA 3.0. Must have either a minor in German or major in Modern Languages or European studies with concentration in German.

  • Rogers Philosophy Scholarship: High financial need for undergraduate student majoring in Philosophy.

  • K J Morse '90 Psychology Scholarship: High Financial need undergraduate students majoring in Psychology. 

    Sharon Grace Smith Scholarship: High financial need for student majoring in Psychology.

  • Loretta Morris Endowed Scholarship:  High financial need undergraduate Sociology major. Community service may be considered.

  • Herbert J. Ryan, S.J. Memorial: High financial need. Awarded to an Undergraduate or Graduate student majoring in theological studies.

    Rausch S.J. BCLA Endowed Scholarship: Theology studies Major an undergraduate student in their junior year. Recipient will have and maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher. Emphasis will be given to students who have demonstrated a commitment to community service and/or have the intention to serve.

    RSHM GR Leadership Scholarship: High financial need. Awarded to graduate students participating in the Master of Arts Pastoral Theology program. Must be currently working in ministry or preparing to do so in the future.