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Photo of Gregory Boyle, S.J. sitting at his desk
Founder, Homeboy Industries
Gabriella Gomez sitting on bench in front of the Capitol
Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Education
Photo of Harold Brooks in front of Red Cross sign
CEO, American Red Cross, San Francisco


A Bellarmine education prepares you for anything.

Liberal arts students enter the working world with a competitive advantage for meaningful careers in media, education, nonprofit, tech, business, and beyond. Our alumni go on to succeed in diverse fields because the skills they learn here are in demand across sectors: research and analysis, writing and critical thinking, teamwork and communication. 

The many paths our recent alumni have taken are evidence of the demand and flexibility of a liberal arts degree. 

2016 Outcomes

Graph of Where LMU Graduates go: 66% Working; 28% Graduate School; 5% Service;

Graph of what LMU Graduates do: 74% Private/for-profit; 13% Non-profit; 8% Service; 5% Government 

Where They Work

These are just a few examples of the companies that hired the BCLA Class of 2016 within six months of graduation. See them all.

Where BCLA Graduates are employed: Dollar Shave Club, Snapchat, Yelp, Lionsgate, Cedars-Sinani, Houzz, Huge, IBM, Intuit, Los Angeles School District, Wells Fargo, LA Galaxy

Where They Study

In 2016, about 28% of Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts students started or were accepted into graduate school within six months of graduation. These are just a few of the universities that our liberal arts alumni chose last year.

Where BCLA students go for Graduate School: Georgetown University, Loyola Law School, University of Cambridge, Howard University, University of Notre Dame, Washington University in St. Louis, UCLA, USC, Boston College, Cornell University, Syracuse University, Marquette University

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