Students smiling and clapping at commencement

Senior year is an exciting time, a time to celebrate your achievements to this point in your academic career. As seniors in college, it is essential to prioritize your future success by taking the time to check your degree progress, ensuring all requirements are met for graduation. Additionally, make meaningful connections with faculty members who can provide guidance and mentorship, helping you excel both academically and professionally. Lastly, take advantage of the career and professional development services offered on campus, as they can provide valuable resources, networking opportunities, and assistance in preparing for your post-graduation endeavors.

Academic Considerations

  • Steps to Graduation
    • Apply for Degree: Watch this tutorial on submitting your application for degree. A Degree Application must be filed for a student to be considered eligible for degree. Degrees are conferred during the term that all coursework is completed. Students should apply for a degree in the term which all requirements will be met. If you are unsure about which term to choose for your degree application, students are encouraged to meet with an advisor to ensure appropriate timing. 
    • Check Degree Application Status: You must sign into PROWL to view your application status.
      • PN- this means your Degree Audit report was approved and you are on track to graduate.
      • MR - Degree Audit report shows unmet requirements.
      • CN - Degree application was canceled - if your Degree Audit shows unmet requirements, you were not eligible for the application term. You must re-apply for your degree in the term in which your Degree Audit shows all requirements as met.
      • AC - Application was canceled - this status means that you were not eligible to apply for degree in the term you submitted. You must re-apply for the term in which your Degree Audit shows all requirements as met.
    • Review your Degree Audit Report: Review your Degree Works report to confirm that degree and program requirements are met. Items in NOT MET status should alert you that you may not qualify to graduate and/or walk in May Commencement. It is your responsibility to read, understand, and comply with the degree requirements printed in the LMU Bulletin (Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Requirements) and to take action to address all outstanding issues before the degree-granting date.
    • Clear University Holds: Check and clear all your university holds. A student’s hold can be viewed on PROWL by selecting “View Holds” from the Registration menu. It is important that you contact the appropriate office to clear any holds.
    • May Commencement: If you will not be completing degree requirements during the current term but are interested in spring commencement, you should consult with an academic advisor to resolve any outstanding degree requirements.
      • *Outstanding credits - You are eligible to participate in spring commencement with no more than 30 semester hours remaining who can complete all degree requirements by the August or December semester without a unit overload in either summer session and/or the December term.
      • For information on spring commencement, visit the LMU Commencement page.



    • To gather more information about graduate school opportunities in your field of study, reach out to your faculty advisor who can provide valuable insights, guidance, and recommendations tailored to your academic and career goals. You may also explore the 50 graduate programs that LMU offers on the Graduate Admissions website.
    • The degree-awarding process may take about a month after the degree term ends because the Registrar reviews each student's record individually to determine that all degree requirements have been met. Students may confirm their degree status on their PROWL account (Student Services > Student Records > View Degree Information). Typically, students can expect to receive the diploma 2-3 weeks after they see the diploma order date included in PROWL.