Learning Communities

Students sitting in circle in classroom

Learning Communities create a personalized student experience and increase student sense of belonging.

    • The Economics Linked-Learning Community allows students to connect and form relationships with their peers in their major, as well as with faculty in the Economics department. Students take an economics course together each term in their first year along with a 1-unit learning community course.
    • The Political Science and International Relations Learning Community is a year-long program designed to create a cohort of first-year students who share their passion for politics and world affairs. Learning community students take two classes together each semester in addition to a one-unit learning community course.
    • Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are designed for students who share a common interest or academic pursuit, to live and study in an intentional educational community. LLC's create a more academically and relationally supportive environment for students living on campus and enhance the residential and educational experience of students.