Undergraduate: Students may take courses which are offered on a Credit/No Credit basis for up to 20% of their total semester hours requirement for graduation. For undergraduate courses, a grade of CR may be given for performance equal to or greater than a grade of “C.” A CR/NC course will not affect the grade point average. Courses offered on a CR/NC basis will count toward fulfilling requirements of the academic major, academic minor, or University Core. Courses offered on a graded basis which a student elects to take on a CR/NC basis will NOT fulfill the above requirements. Students may change their grade option through the last day of the tenth week of classes during the fall and spring semesters.

See Bulletin for full policy.


To request a CR/NC grading option, Visit Registrar's "Forms" Page. Once you submit the form, it is reviewed first by the BCLA Advising Office, signed by the Dean, then sent to the Registrar’s Office to process. Please allow 5-10 business days to process your request.


  • CR/NC is an option students may use, in compliance with the above policy. In some cases, students may elect a CR/NC grading option in elective courses that will not be used for major, minor, core, graduate/ professional school, etc. The minimum grade to earn a grade of CR is “C”. Instead, the grade appears as “CR” on the transcript and is GPA neutral. This may allow students to enjoy their courses without the pressure of a final grade, permitting them to focus more heavily on other rigorous and/or required coursework. We recommend students always consult a faculty or academic advisor prior to applying Credit/No Credit grading to one of your courses.

  • 20% of your total semester hours (124) = 24.8 credits across your entire degree

  • Unfortunately, once requested students may not reverse their decisions. Grading change requests, once submitted, are final.

  • You may not count CR/NC courses toward your major, minor or core unless they are originally offered by the department as CR/NC.

  • The last day of the tenth week of classes during the fall and spring semesters. See the University Calendar for exact dates. 

  • A repeat course must be taken on the same grade basis as the original occurrence. A course taken for a grade may only be excluded by the same course with a grade. Similarly, a course taken on a CR/NC basis may only be excluded by the same course taken on a CR/NC basis.