Graduation Requirements

Student with diploma under palm tree

Curriculum & Core Requirements

A liberal arts education offers students a breadth and depth of expertise. In the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts (BCLA), student degrees typically comprise 1/3 major coursework, 1/3 elective coursework, and 1/3 core coursework. Students use these rough guidelines to inform their graduation planning while exploring and discovering primary and tertiary fields of passion and interest.

In the Liberal Arts you will:

  • Think about the ideas, traditions, and institutions that influence our culture and society;
  • Engage in exciting community-based and experiential learning opportunities;
  • Prepare to work in the widest range of professions and become career-ready;
  • Build your capacity for citizenship and engagement with the world; and
  • Be able to personalize your studies by combining majors and minors.

The Core at BCLA

BCLA offers the majority of core courses at LMU each semester; many BCLA students can fulfill between 4 and 6 core requirements and the Engaged Learning flag within their own major. Students may fulfill one core area requirement per course. A grade of "C-" or better is required for all CORE courses.

Use your department’s Additional Academic Resources or consult your faculty advisor to strategically choose courses that fulfill core and major requirements at the same time.