Awards & Scholarships

students in greece

Prof. Katerina Zacharia with the 2017 global immersions “Greek Tragedy" course at the 6th century BCE Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea, the site of the Panhellenic Nemean Games.

Interested in research? There are a number of opportunities for Classics & Archaeology students to receive financial awards and scholarships in order to fund additional education and research opportunities. Explore some of these opportunities below:

University Awards & Scholarships:

  • The Honors Summer Research Fellowship provides financial support for Honors students who wish to engage in faculty-mentored research and creative activities during the summer.

    Honors Summer Research Fellowships are funded by donors and patrons of the University Honors Program. When a fellowship is granted, it is given a specific name (e.g., Clint Albertson Fellowship) based on the source of the fellowship funds. Aside from the source of funds, there are no other differences between Honors Summer Research Fellowships with different names.

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  • The Office of National & International Fellowships (ONIF) assists LMU students and alumni interested in pursuing external fellowships that support their academic and career goals. Many fellowships require candidates to apply through their university or alma mater, which in turn sponsors the candidate. ONIF facilitates this sponsorship.

    Through ONIF, students can learn about fellowship opportunities available through governments, private donors, foundations, civic organizations, and corporations. We also offer strategic planning and advice for submitting a competitive application package.

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Department Awards & Scholarships:

  • The Classics and Archaeology Department sends qualified students on international archaeology digs. Please contact Dr. Caroline Sauvage for details about available funds for this unique opportunity.