Students must be officially registered via PROWL for all classes in accordance with the regulations, procedures, and dates published in the Schedule of Classes and the University Bulletin. Registration is subject to full payment of tuition, room and board charges, and other fees associated with enrollment. The University reserves the right to deny registration to any student for reasonable cause.


To request to add a course late (i.e.: after the add/drop period), Visit Registrar's "Forms" Page. Once you submit the form, it is reviewed first by the professor of the course, then the course chairperson, then reviewed by the BCLA Advising Office, signed by the Dean, and sent to the Registrar’s Office to process. Please allow 5-10 business days to process your request.


  • No, you may not add a course if it is fully enrolled.

  • Please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor and reach out to student accounts directly. BCLA Advising cannot lift student account holds.

  • Students who are not registered in a class are not allowed to attend a course, submit coursework, or take an exam including the final exam (Bulletin)