Engaged Learning

Engaged Learning

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Get off the bluff. Apply your classroom knowledge to important social issues. In Engaged Learning (EL) classes, the world is your classroom. An EL course might include field research, off-site service, or even international travel. One class with an Engaged Learning core flag is required for graduation. Make it count by picking one that enriches your academic or professional interests. 

Questions? Talk to your faculty advisor or the BCLA Advising Center about how to sign up for the EL class that most interests you.

  • Which Class Should I Take?

    There are a variety of Engaged Learning classes offered in virtually every major. But how do you know which is right for you? Different EL classes include different experiences, such as:

    • Community-Based Learning
      CBL classes collaborate with the surrounding community to do meaningful, hands-on work in the real world. For example, an African American studies course helped teach African American history to local high school students.
    • Faculty-Mentored Research
      EL classes also feature a research component, like a social research course where students interviewed women who were getting out of prison.
    • Internships
      Some EL classes include an internship in addition to class time. In one class, students interned for the LA Greek Film Festival to review Greek films. 
    • Study Abroad
      EL classes can even take you abroad! An Eastern Christian Traditions class went to Ukraine to study religious traditions amongst college students.
  • Classes Offered
  • Spring 2018 Course Offerings

    African American Studies

    • AFAM 3211 African American History
      • An analysis of the historical forces which shaped the African American experience in America from past to present.

    Asian Pacific American Studies

    • APAM 2417 Contemporary Issues of Asian Pacific Americans
      • Topical studies of timely and pertinent contemporary interest involving Asian Americans in the U.S. Focus will change from year to year.

    Catholic Studies

    • CATH 3284 Sikhism
      • This course will investigate the emergence of Sikhism, the fifth largest religion of the world, through a study of its ten gurus and its key theological tenets.
    • CATH 3998 SS: Faith and Business

    Classics & Archaeology

    • CLAR 4380 Archaeology Field Experience
      • Active participation, usually of three-weeks duration, in an archaeological excavation or survey at selected Near Eastern, Classical, or New World sites.
    • CLAR 4998/ENGL 4998 Representations of Greece: Ancient and Modern
      • This interdisciplinary 4-­­unit course offers students the unique opportunity to study complex issues surrounding representations of Greece from the classical to the modern world through an interdisciplinary approach that will highlight four areas of study: politics and economics; food and travel; theater and film; family, religion, and state.


    • ENGL 2206 Language of Journalism
      • A course in journalistic fundamentals and an introduction to reading, analyzing, and writing news across platforms.
    • ENGL 5534 Literature of the Holocaust
      • A study of the literature of the Holocaust including fiction, poetry, drama, and film. Fulfills Comparative or Critical/Theoretical requirement.

    Jewish Studies

    • JWST 4400 Interreligious Experience and Engagement
      • This seminar focuses on interreligious engagement and experience, exploring the diversity of faith traditions at LMU, in Los Angeles, and throughout the nation and world, by deliberate encounters with the Other. It will challenge students to reflect on fundamental questions of faith and identify within communities. It will examine the theory and practice of interreligious engagement, including: Bilateral (e.g., Catholic-Jewish) and trilateral (e.g., Christian-Jewish-Muslim) seminars and conferences of scholars and clergy; Multi-faith religious celebrations and worship services; Joint social action and social justice programs; Conflict resolution projects; Coalitions based on shared values.

    Modern Greek Studies

    • MDGK 3343 Angels and Demons: Female Literary Stereotypes from the Greeks to the Present
      • The course examines the social issue of women’s position and representation in modern patriarchal society (late 19th century to the present) through the interdisciplinary lenses of Greek and World literature and Women’s Studies.

    Political Science

    • POLS 3630 Peace and Reconciliation
      • A survey of peace and conflict resolution processes in various international contexts
    • POLS 3800 Political Internship
      • The academic component of a supervised internship in an appropriate agency in Los Angeles or Sacramento. In addition to the internship itself, the student must meet regularly with a faculty member selected prior to the start of the internship and write a research paper
    • POLS 3998 Directed Internship


    • PSYC 4100
      • CS: Liberation Psychologies


    • SOCL 3250 Health and Social Justice
      • This course examines how social, political, and economic conditions shape the distribution of health and disease among different populations in the United States and elsewhere. Using a social justice framework, it explores how social inequalities, prejudice, and discrimination contribute to inequalities in health and disease.
    • SOCL 4500 Internship
      • Students complete a supervised internship in an appropriate agency including social services, law, education, health services, and other relevant fields.

    Theological Studies

    • THST 3283 Hinduism, Jainism, Yoga
      • This course will examine key ideas from the Vedas and Upanisads, the ethics of Jainism, and the spiritual practices of Yoga
    • THST 3750 Into the Desert
      • An exploration of the desert as a root metaphor for deep spiritual experience and place of social, political struggle
    • THST 3998 Catholic Theology and Social Justice
    • THST 3998 Practice of Everyday Life
      • A critical examination of ordinary practices of everyday life as a source for spiritual knowledge and social-political transformation.

    Urban Studies

    • URBN 4000 Senior Project
      • A supervised internship and directed research on a specific urban topic incorporating appropriate primary and secondary research methodologies and/or participant observation.

    Women's and Gender Studies

    • WGST 3305 Angels and Demons
      • The course examines the social issue of women’s position and representation in modern patriarchal society (late 19th century to the present) through the interdisciplinary lenses of Greek and World literature and Women’s Studies.
  • How to Sign Up for an Engaged Learning Class

    Current students can search for all of the EL Courses in PROWL by looking up classes by Attribute. Here's how:

    1. Under the Student Services tab, click "Registration"
    2. Click "Look-up Classes to Add"
    3. Choose the term you would like to take the Engaged Learning course
    4. Under the drop-down menu, click the button on the right which says "Advanced Search"
    5. Click the Subject Box and then hit "Control/Command + A" on your keyboard to select all subjects
    6. Scroll down to Attribute Type and select "FLAG: Engaged Learning"
    7. Click on the "Section Search" button

    This will generate a list of all EL flagged courses offered that semester.

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