Griffin Bacharach '22

Griffin Bacharach standing in front on white background

Major: Journalism
Next Step: New York Law School

For Griffin “Ming” Bacharach ‘22, a senior journalism major in the LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts (BCLA), and soon-to-be graduate student at New York Law School in Tribeca, NY, his journey to commencement had its share of twists and turns, but ultimately was worth it. Bacharach studied abroad in Paris as a freshman, then attended University of Colorado-Boulder, for his sophomore year. He eventually made his way to Los Angeles where he attended Santa Monica College (SMC). After completing a semester at SMC he applied to LMU, but was not accepted. However, Bacharach decided to “roll the dice” and apply again after another semester at SMC. Looking back, Bacharach can “confidently say that betting on myself was one of the best decisions of my life, as I was ultimately accepted to LMU as a journalism major and was able to find a home for myself here.”

Bacharach grew up watching ESPN and his lifelong interest in sports led him to his journalism major. The most impactful experience Bacharach had as a journalism major in BCLA was a research experience in his “Mass Communication Law & Regulation” course taught by Kevin Curran, clinical assistant professor of journalism. Along with three other students, Bacharach conducted a qualitative study using an inductive method on the effects of sports gambling advertisements on gamblers. They submitted the paper to the Broadcast Education Association open division contest where it won second place. Professor Curran has been an important mentor to Bacharach, who encourages all journalism students to take at least one class with Curran, and “learn about real world problems and solutions within the journalism field.” Bacharach credits Professor Curran with “giving me the confidence that my journalism undergraduate background would translate well into a graduate law program.” Although Griffin had his reservations, given that he was not pre-law, “Professor Curran’s Mass Communication Law & Regulation course gave me hope that there are many aspects within journalism that correlate to law.”

Ultimately, Bacharach decided to attend New York Law School because of its fantastic sports/entertainment law program and networking opportunities in the New York area. As of right now, Bacharach’s career goal is to work in the sports industry, but he plans to keep his options open until after he finishes law school.

Bacharach’s extemporaneous approach is nothing new, though; during his time at LMU Bacharach has become accustomed to exploring new fields and taking risks. Even two years ago, he says he couldn’t have imagined going to graduate school. However, the broad set of classes he took in BCLA—specifically in theological studies, which he had never taken before—helped him realize “the importance of learning about subjects that can feel unfamiliar to me. Over the past few years, I have learned that growth is key, and it is critical to learn and listen to new and opposing topics/concepts in order to grow your own mindset.”

In considering what advice he would give current BCLA students, Bacharach stresses the value of speaking up, and being willing to voice unpopular opinions in class. “While it may be daunting at first, it will teach you how to succeed in a Socratic environment. Not only will your teachers appreciate hearing a fresh perspective, but it will help keep you attentive in the classroom and better retain the information.” And, pointing to his own non-linear journey from Paris to L.A. to Tribeca, it is perhaps natural that Griffin wants to remind students that they are never “too late” or falling behind on some idealized timeline.