Honor Roll of Bellarmine Awards

Honor Roll of Bellarmine Awardees

Daum Professorship

2016-17 Paul A. Harris (English)

2015-16 Roberto Dell’Oro (Bioethics and Theological Studies)

2014-15 Brian Treanor (Philosophy)

2013-14 Fr. William Fulco, S.J. (Classics & Archaeology)

2012-13 Lawrence Tritle (History)

2011-12 Robin Wang (Philosophy)

2010-11 Ricardo A. Machón (Psychology)

2009-10 Timothy Shanahan (Philosophy)

2008-09 Linda Bannister (English) 

John R. Popiden Distinguished Service Award

2016 Stella Oh (Women's and Gender Studies)

2015 John Parrish (Political Science)

2014 Jennifer Pate (Economics)

2013 Jennifer Abe (Psychology)

2012 Kevin J. Peters (English)

2011 David Killoran (English)

2010 Br. John H. Grever, CFMM (History)

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Staff Award

2016 Shannon Toston (Sociology)

2015 Katherine Brown (Huffington Ecumenical Studies, Catholic Studies, Jewish Studies, and Journal of American Academy of Religion)

2014 Faith Sovilla (Theological Studies)

2013 Alyson Ress (Economics)

2012 Alexis Dolan (Philosophy)

2011 Liz Faulkner (African American Studies, Chicana/o Studies, Women’s Studies, AMCS, and Asian Pacific American Studies)

2010 Debra Wong (Modern Languages and Literatures)

2009 Maria Jackson (English)

2008 Teresa Hackett (History)