Roxanne Lindy '23

Roxy Lindy holding cap on university hall bridge

Roxanne (Roxy) Lindy ‘23
Majors: Economics (B.S.) and Political Science
Minor: International Relations
Next Step: Linear Ad Operations Associate Account Manager, Walt Disney Company

For Roxy Lindy, Disney movies and parks were a defining part of her childhood and after graduation she’ll embark on the fairy tale first job of her dreams with the Walt Disney Company. Lindy first began working with Disney as the summer Ad Sales Vertical Category Sales Professional Intern. From there, it evolved into a year-long internship and ultimately led to a full-time position as a Linear Ad Operations Associate Account Manager.

Lindy’s path to graduation has been fulfilling, but not linear. She decided to attend LMU after attending the Latina/o overnight in 2019 where she immediately felt very much at home. She entered LMU as an international relations major, but quickly switched it to a minor and made political science her major. In addition to an interest in politics and global affairs, Lindy also had a strong interest in business and decided to take Economics 1050. She quickly recognized her passion for economics and continued to take classes in the Department. During her junior year, she decided to add a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

“I feel the combination of my majors and minors have truly helped me gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the world,” said Lindy. “Over the last four years, there has been change and movement in my academic career. Though change was quite daunting, I am grateful to have had the flexibility to explore different academic paths that helped me find my niche and shaped me into the woman I am today.”

The good news for Lindy, and all students, is that in BCLA, faculty mentors abound to help discern, guide, and support all along the way. “Professor Feryal Cherif has been my rock throughout my time at LMU,” said Lindy. “She has been my advisor, my learning community instructor, and my professor for courses in International Relations and Global Human Rights. She has taught me so much, but has also always made me feel welcomed and confident.”

Lindy’s advice for current BCLA students is to push past your comfort zone and try something new. Indeed, Lindy intends to keep pushing toward her dreams of earning an MBA and becoming vice president of sales and marketing at a Fortune 500 company.

“I am motivated to always be honorable, courageous, proud, wise and bold- both to myself and to others,” said Lindy. “Through my liberal arts/Jesuit education, I am inspired to work hard and be a force of change. I hope to use what I have learned at LMU and in my professional life to lift up my community, inspire others around me to break barriers, and continue to make the world a better place.”