Certain courses such as special studies and performance courses are repeatable for credit. Students may repeat a non-repeatable LMU course once, including withdrawals, in order to improve academic performance in that course. The prior occurrence is excluded from the cumulative grade point average and earned hours but remains on the transcript. Students will not earn credit more than one time for the same course The grade of the latest occurrence of the repeated course will be the one calculated into the GPA and earned hours. The third and final time a course is taken requires approval from the Dean. 

See Bulletin for full policy.


Students may register for their second attempt at a course on their own via PROWL. Students must submit a formal request for repeating a course a third/final time by completing the following form. If you have questions about the repeat course policy, please make an appointment to speak with BCLA Advising.


  • To improve the grade of an LMU course, you must repeat the same course with the same title and content. Note that some courses at LMU are repeatable for credit. Additionally, a repeat course must be taken on the same grade basis as the original occurrence.

  • No, undergraduate students may not repeat an elementary or intermediate foreign language course after successful completion of a more advanced course in the same language.

  • You can review the Bulletin course description and the distinction will be listed in the course details on PROWL.  


  • According to the Bulletin, credit for transfer coursework will not be accepted for courses that are duplicates of coursework already completed at LMU. The University Registrar interprets "completed coursework" as courses where credit has been earned at LMU. If a student withdraws or earns an F, they can retake the same course elsewhere and transfer the credits to LMU if they achieve a grade of C or higher.




Please make an appointment with a professional advisor if you are considering repeating a course.