Study Abroad Opportunities

Our students have multiple opportunities to study in other countries. Study Abroad programs include:

Paris, France

Véronique Flambard-Weisbart, Ph.D., director 

LMU Summer in Paris is a five-week summer program in Paris, France. Spend your summer surrounded by the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the glamorous avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in French culture by visiting museums, architectural sites, and attending art performances. Discover all that France has to offer while earning upper-division credit in courses taught by LMU professors and developing your French language skills. Experience a city of excellent food, joie de vivre, creativity, literature, philosophy, and science this summer by participating in LMU Summer in Paris. Students enroll in one French language course and one of the following courses:

FREN 1998, 2998, or 3998: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced French

BCOR 3510: Marketing and Business Communication (4 units)
Taught by LMU Professor Aidin Namin
Core Requirements: Business Core

FREN 4241/FNLT 4241: Paris métisse: Multiculturalism (4 units)
Taught by LMU Professor Marc Lony
Core Requirements: Engaged Learning Flag

Bonn, Germany

LMU in Germany in Bonn is LMU's longest-running study abroad program. The program provides students with the opportunity to engage in a new cultural environment and travel while attending classes at the Akademie für Internationale Bildung (AIB). All courses are directly transferred to students’ LMU transcripts and count toward the completion of their degrees. A German language and culture course is required to assist students in communicating effectively during their stay.

Rome, Italy

Aine O’Healy, Ph.D., director

Imagine spending your summer sipping espresso on the cobble-stone streets of one of the world’s oldest cities. Picture yourself walking past the coliseum on your way to the day’s lecture and chatting in Italian as you enjoy a raspberry gelato under the warm Mediterranean sun.  The LMU Summer in Rome program provides an immersive academic experience to students seeking to make this Italian capital city their new home for five weeks. Living in shared private apartments, students are taught by LMU faculty and engage in coursework designed to expose the rich history, culture, and livelihoods that make up modern Rome. Students will enroll in two of the following courses:

ITAL 2101, 2102, 3999: Italian 1,2, or Composition and Conversation (4 units)

BCOR 3610: Managing People and Organizations (4 units)
Taught by LMU Professor Ellen Ensher
Core Requirements: Business Core

ITAL 3251/FNLT 3998: Italian Food Cultures (4 units)
Core Requirements: Engaged Learning Flag and Oral Skills Flag

For applications and more information about these and other study abroad programs, contact the director or visit: