About Spanish Club

Somos una familia y una voz. We are one family and one voice. The goal of the Spanish Club de LMU is to promote Spanish language and Hispanic cultures on campus! We hope to establish ourselves as a strong organization that is capable of outreach to the LMU community and the greater Los Angeles area.

The Spanish Club de LMU was formed for the purpose of promoting the Spanish Language, Hispanic culture, literature, and arts. We bring together students from different backgrounds who share an interest in the Spanish language - regardless of fluency - and offer them a space where they can practice and master the language. We also publish an annual Spanish/bilingual literary magazine, La Voz, featuring student contributions of written work, art, and photos! Check it out here.

Our Leadership

 Co-Vice President of Spanish Club in 2020

Co-President: Haley Isabel Gronski 

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Major: Film and Television Production

Minor: Screenwriting

Why I joined Spanish club: To cultivate a community where it is comfortable to practice Spanish with friends/peers!


Co-President: Ruth Alcantara 

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Political Science

Minor: Spanish

Why I joined Spanish Club: It is a safe space to practice my Spanish and meet new people!


Vice President: Aaron Padilla

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

Major: Political Science

Minor: Journalism

Why I joined Spanish Club: Love to have the opportunity to speak

Spanish around an inclusive community of learners & fluent speakers


Secretary: Julian Van Bruaene 

Hometown: San Jose, CA 

Major: Economics 

Minor: Psychology 

Why I Joined Spanish Club: I wanted to keep practicing Spanish and meet new people!


Treasurer: Stacey Leon 

Hometown: Rowland Heights, CA

Major: Finance

Why I joined Spanish Club: To practice my Spanish in a safe space!


Social Media Chair: Nicole Baigorrotegui

Hometown: Torrance, CA

Major: Management

Minor: Spanish

Why I joined Spanish club: I want to keep expanding my Spanish vocabulary and I love learning different dialects from Spanish-speaking countries.

Contact us at lmuspanishclub@gmail.com and learn more about our organization and events by adding us on LEO and following us on Instagram @lmuspanishclub!