Monique Smith | Psychology Major, ASPA Minor and Chinese Minor ‘18

Monique loved her experience with the Chinese minor at LMU. "All of my professors were highly engaging and wanted me to learn as much as I could." 
The Chinese minor not only enabled Monique to continue studying Chinese, which she started in the 7th grade, but it also took her beyond the LMU campus. She joined Professor Robin Wang in China for her summer program on Chinese philosophy. "We went to Beijing and Qufu, and we took classes in Guangzhou. I got to work with Chinese graduate students at Sun Yat-sen University, and it was very gratifying to use my Mandarin there."
Monique is currently a professional actress, and knowing Mandarin has helped broaden her audition opportunities. "I can go out for Mandarin-speaking roles and feel confident in my language ability." She plans to continue working as an actress and wishes to be in a film or TV show one day where she is able to speak Mandarin."