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Alicia Partnoy 2020-21 Daum Professor Events

Alicia Partnoy, a professor of Spanish in the LMU Modern Languages and Literatures Department, has lived an incredible life of perseverance and courage, which has shaped her into a passionate social justice advocate. Her relentless commitment to making a difference in the lives of others is needed now more than ever and will feature prominently in her work as the 2020-21 Daum Professor in the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts.

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Translating and Publishing Solidarity
March 22, 2021
9:00 AM (PDT)
Screenshot of the Nosotras(lasotras) El Arte Nuestro Estandarte with pictures of the eight different women to speak at the event.
Nosotras las Otras, El Arte Nuestro Estandarte
January 17, 2021
L@s Desaparecid@s: Familiares Luchando por la Justicia
November 18, 2020