Picture of LMU Alumnus Pei-Lun Hsu.

I have always wanted to be a creative and fun language teacher, not only teaching the language itself, but also letting more people get to know my culture and my country. This became one of the main reasons for me to join the Fulbright program.

I started graduate school and majored in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at the University of Taipei in 2015. During the graduate school years, I had many opportunities to teach Chinese on different levels to students of different ages and nationalities. My first experience abroad was in 2017, when I went to northern Thailand-Chiang Rai as a volunteer teacher to teach both Chinese and English in a remote village located in a mountain. Subsequently, I also went to both the US and the Philippines to teach Chinese.

I also love drawing, so I also illustrate sometimes. This hobby provided the opportunity to illustrate Chinese textbooks for language centers at various universities. I finished a textbook illustration last year. Currently, I am working on another two here in the US. I like working out and rock climbing. These two activities require intense practice and self-training. I do not have much time for leisure activities, but I try to find some time for my interests, because I want my life to be fuller and healthier. I think, if you consistently practice something, you can always become better in other tasks, as well, because you keep trying and never give up.

''Your life now is made up of every choice you make.''

These experiences helped me become a better language teacher and keep enriching my life and thoughts. I always learn a lot from my students while I am teaching. Learning languages should be exciting, and I believe, we can always have fun together in class. I will try my best to make my lessons more engaging and fun.