Language Placement Exam

The online Language Placement Exam measures student language skills in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish so that they may be placed in the appropriate level of coursework in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.  


  • ALL students interested in taking a Chinese or Spanish course including Chinese 1 CHIN 2101 or Spanish 1 SPAN 2101 must take the placement exam.
  • If you have NEVER studied French, German, Italian, or Japanese and wish to do so, you would sign up for the 2101 level course in that language.
  • If you plan to study or travel abroad in the summer before entering LMU, please wait until you return to take the language placement exam.

The exam takes approximately 20 minutes.


Where do I take the exam?
You take the exam online. Log into MYLMU, click Brightspace > LMU New Student Placement Exams; click the link “Language Placement Exam” and follow the instructions. If you do not have access to the placement exam link or cannot access the placement exam for any reason, please contact Erika Rycina in the Modern Languages and Literatures department.

When do I need to take the online language placement exam?

  • If you have taken Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish language courses in any educational setting (for example, at a high school or community school or at another university if you are a transfer student) AND you wish to continue taking classes in these languages during the first three semesters at LMU.
  • If you have taken AP language and/or literature courses in the above languages.
  • If you are interested in a minor or major in the above languages so that you can begin at the appropriate level of coursework immediately.
  • If you plan to take language or literature courses in a study abroad program in a country where Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish are the language of instruction: Summer, semester, and year-long study abroad programs sometimes require previous foreign language study.
  • If you are a heritage speaker who has learned the language at home and wishes to take language or literature courses in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish.
  • If you have been admitted to the University Honors Program and need to know your standing as for the language requirement.

Can I use books such as a dictionary? Should I guess at the answers?
It is TO YOUR BENEFIT that you answer the questions honestly and without the support of notes, textbooks, parents, or friends to avoid being placed at a level above the appropriate one based on your experiences and academic studies.

How do I get my score? Does my advisor get it?
Your score will be displayed at the end of the exam. Your score and placement will be provided to your advisor through PROWL. As a backup, you are strongly encouraged to save a copy, print or write it down, and email it to your advisor.

What if I have problems taking the exam?
Please contact the ITS helpdesk at 310.338.7777.

Contact information:
Dr. Marc Lony, Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures, by email:

Ms. Erika Rycina, Senior Administrative Coordinator, by email: