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Modern Languages and Literatures

Our classes open the doors of the world, promote cultural understanding, and social justice. Our outstanding professors, study abroad experiences, interdisciplinary research, and community-based learning opportunities, prepare our graduates to find jobs in a variety of fields, including education, law, medicine, business, and the government. We offer B.A programs in French, Modern Languages and Spanish, minor programs in Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, and a teaching credential in Spanish. Our Japanese classes are very popular. These vibrant programs teach languages and important aspects of the cultures that speak them, like literature, film, and the arts. 


Her project explores Italian film and media vis-à-vis sex, gender, race, and transborder mobilities.
Ying received her MA in English-Chinese Translation and Interpreting from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing in 2014.
During our trip to Beijing and Xi'an, we will explore several sites of great historical interest and immerse ourselves in the culture and language.
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Many Spanish majors find teaching jobs but have to go back to school to earn their credentials. Learn how your B.A can qualify you to teach high school right away!
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