Conor O’Callaghan | Film Production Major, Screenwriting Minor and Italian Minor ‘15

An American/Irish dual citizen, Conor considers himself extremely lucky to have spent his childhood traveling and experiencing multiple European cultures. In particular, he inherited his mother’s love for both the Italian way of life and cooking. A strong familial tradition of storytelling led to his passion for filmmaking. While at LMU, he studied abroad in Rome, where he honed his skills in Italian. He also gained a huge appreciation for Italian filmmakers such as Bertolucci and Fellini, something he accredits to his coursework on Italian Cinema at LMU.

After two years working in television at Creative Artists Agency, Conor is now at Anonymous Content, assisting Steve Golin (producer: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Revenant, Spotlight). Currently, Anonymous Content is in production on Catch-22 in Italy. Italian is not a hobby for Conor, who says: “I speak Italian every day, whether with Italian colleagues, with friends, or with the many Italian writers, directors, and producers I am lucky to work with. It makes me that much more effective and valuable. Not to mention, I understand the movies I love to watch.”
Every day at the office, Conor walks past an original Italian poster for Il Conformista, Bertolucci’s masterpiece and his favorite film, and smiles.