Conversation with the Creators of the anime "Blood of Zeus"
A conversation on Creativity and Collaboration with Blood of Zeus Netflix Anime series creators Charley & Vlas Parlapanides, moderated by LMU Professor of Classics Katerina Zacharia.
A Conversation with the Director of the documentary "Olympia"
Professor Katerina Zacharia co-moderated "A conversation with Harry Mavromichalis, director of the documentary Olympia (2018)”, with Associate Professor of Film, TV & Media Studies, Carla Marcantonio. The event was a tribute to Oscar-winning Greek-American actress Olympia Dukakis, and was hosted by Prof. Bryant Keith Alexander, Dean of Communications and Fine Arts, and Interim Dean of the School of Film & Television.
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A New Theater for the 21st Century
Professor Katerina Zacharia offers her insights on the origins of theatre and the emergence of a new theatre for the 21st century for the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, her long-term collaborators who hosted her global immersions Greek Tragedy in performance course from 2016-18.
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NEH Chair and Director of the Archaeology Center
Read about Dr. Caroline Sauvage's role as the Chair of Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Director of LMU's Archaeology Center
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Prof. Katerina Zacharia accepts the 2018 President's Fritz B. Burns Distinguished Teaching Award
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Prof. Katerina Zacharia explains the semantics of the “Greece" vs Hellas: The Semantics Behind the Country with Many Names
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Prof. Katerina Zacharia produced, directed, and wrote the short documentary Blessings and Vows (2018)