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Classics and Archaeology

The Department of Classics and Archaeology seeks to provide students with a deeper understanding of the literary and cultural foundations of western societies by exploring their roots in the Greek and Roman classical traditions. The combined study of the languages, literature, religion, and material cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and the Near East offers students a wide-ranging and well-rounded preparation in critical thinking, analytic skills, and writing, and prepares students to contextualize the immense achievements of the past in the modern world. 

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Read the stories and testimonials of our proud Classics & Archaeology alumni
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Learn about this interdisciplinary course, with an embedded internship with the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival and read the student blogs for the course and their testimonials about the internship experience
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Learn about our community partnership with the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival
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Our annual Student Symposium gives Classics & Archaeology students an opportunity to present their research
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Students and scholars at Loyola Marymount University have the rare opportunity to access our teaching and research collection which includes ceramics, bronzes, glass, coins, textiles, ostraca, and more.
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Our archaeology library is home to approximately 20,000 books that include volumes on Ancient Egypt, the Near East, Cyprus, Greece and Rome, including volumes on the ancient languages of these areas.
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Learn more about this library and museum on our campus which houses historical artifacts

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Students in Greece on some ancient steps

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