Archaeology Museum

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Several specialized collections are housed in the archaeology museum.

The largest room is dedicated to the Ancient Near East and preserves objects from the Chalcolithic site of Teleilat Ghassul (Israel), the Early Bronze Age site of Bab edh-Dhra (Jordan), along with prehistoric stone tools, Bronze Age potteries, a large collection of clay lamps, Babylonian clay plaques, cuneiform tablets, cylinder seals, and ostraca. Many objects are part of a long-term loan from the Pontifical Biblical Institute Museum in Jerusalem.

A collection of study sherds from Egyptian and Near Eastern Archaeological sites is also housed in the museum and is used for teaching purposes.

The second room of our museum features Egyptian objects, with a large collection of Shabtis, a few Coptic textiles, and our famous cat mummy (named Clifford!), along with Levantine and Near Eastern Terracottas. The Greco-Roman world is represented with a small collection of Greek vases and well-preserved Roman glasses. A large assemblage of Greek, Roman and Near Eastern coins completes our collections along with a separate library dedicated to classical numismatics.

oil lamp

Lamp Project

C. Sauvage

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Incantation Bowl Project

R. Fisher

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ancient seal

Seal Collection Digitalization

A. Lassen (Yale University)

E. Knott (Yale University)

K. Wagensonner (Yale University)

C. Sauvage

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Bab edh-Dhra

Caroline Sauvage

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Egyptian Ostraca

C. Sauvage

A. Hogan

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