History Major: Generalist Track

History Major: Generalist Track

The Generalist Track is an opportunity for students to develop a broad understanding of historical developments and approaches by taking a wide range of courses from different geographical regions and time periods. The Generalist Track develops students’ historical literacy as well as the critical thinking and writing skills that prepare them for a wide variety of careers. The requirements are:

A total of 40 semester hours, distributed as follows and chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor:

Maximum of 16 lower-division semester hours, including:

  • One lower-division seminar: HIST 2000, HIST 2050, HIST 2200, HIST 2450, HIST 2500, HIST 2600, HIST 2700, HIST 2800, or HIST 2910
  • Maximum of 3 additional lower-division courses (HIST 1xxx or HIST 2xxx)
  • NB: FFYS 1000 sections taught by History faculty may count towards the major; HIST 1xxx courses fulfill the Core EHAP requirement; and HIST 2300-49 and HIST 2400-49 courses fulfill the Core FDIV requirement.

Minimum of 24 upper-division semester hours, including:

  • One upper-division seminar (HIST 5000-5899)
  • Minimum of 5 additional upper-division courses (HIST 3xxx, HIST 4xxx, or HIST 5xxx)

At least 2 courses per geographical region:

  • Europe: HIST 1000-1299, 2001-2299, 3100-3299, 4100-4299, and 5100-5299
  • US: HIST 1300-1499, 2300-2499, 3300-3499, 4300-4499, and 5300-5499
  • World Regions: HIST 1500-1899, 2500-2899, 3000-3099, 3500-3899, 4000-4099, 4500-4899, 5000-5099, and 5500-5899


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