Major Requirements (before Fall 2018)

10 courses (40 units) total

Lower Division Requirements

4 courses (16 units) distributed as follows:

  • Three lower-division history surveys:
    • One World or Europe course
    • One United States course
    • One World Regions course (Asia, Africa, Latin America, or Middle East)
  • One methodology and historiography course, HIST 2000 What Is History?

NB: Lower-division History seminars (HIST 2050, HIST 2200, HIST 2450, HIST 2500, HIST 2600, HIST 2700, HIST 2800, HIST 2910) will fulfill the requirement for HIST 2000 What Is History?

Upper Division Requirements

6 courses (24 units), distributed as follows:

  • One Global/Transnational or World Regions (Middle East, Asia, Latin America, or Africa) history course
  • One European history course
  • One United States history course
  • Two additional upper-division history courses
  • One 5000-level seminar

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