History Awards Ceremony 2024

History Awards Ceremony, 2024

Every year, the Department of History gathers to celebrate the achievements of our Majors and Minors. In particular, we honor the accomplishments, hard-work, and passion of our graduating Seniors. The Department of History was excited to host our Awards Ceremony, and to welcome faculty and guest visitors. Congratulations LMU Class of 2024!

2023-2024 Department Award Winners:

The Leila Mikdadi Award - Annabel Swangard

The Fr. Richard Rolfs, S.J. Award - De'Shari Watson

Academic Excellence Award - Mia Espinoza, Sebastian Ibarra, Claire Hunter

Outstanding Academic Achievement (Majors) - Aoife Gorshow, Elsa Hagstrom, Lila Roades, Jaryd Veserat

Outstanding Academic Achievement (Minors) - Mitchell Evans, Abigail Harris, Ireh Kim, Michael Philip Ranudo, Audrey Wassel

Student Writing Awards:

Outstanding Senior Seminar Paper – Isabella Inglin: Scurvy and Seafaring: A History of the Evolution of Treatments for Sea Sicknesses 
Outstanding Research Paper – Luke Roshkow: Soviet Pragmatism in China 
Outstanding Analytical Essay – Aidan Perl: Myth Formation and the Legacy of Japan’s Namazu Legend 

Outstanding Creative Project – Mary O’Callaghan: Just as Viral: the Spread of Misinformation During the 1918 Influenza Pandemic