History Major: Specialist Track

The Specialist Track offers students the opportunity to “specialize” their program of study on a particular set of issues and themes. The Specialist Track enables students to focus on particular areas of interest in the History major and to develop expertise in a given area, often in connection with a desired career pathway and/or another major or minor. The requirements are:

Minimum of 39 semester hours, distributed as follows and chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor:

Lower Division Requirements:

  • HIST 1995 Introduction to History (1 unit) 
  • One lower-division seminar: HIST 2000, HIST 2050, HIST 2200, HIST 2450, HIST 2500, HIST 2600, HIST 2700, HIST 2800, or HIST 2910
  • NB: FFYS 1000 sections taught by History faculty may count towards the major; HIST 1xxx courses fulfill the Core EHAP requirement; and HIST 2300-2449 courses fulfill the Core FDIV requirement.

Upper Division Requirements:

  • One upper-division seminar (HIST 5000-5899)
  • HIST 5995 Capstone ePortfolio (1 unit) 

Major Electives:
Eight (8) additional History courses (excluding 1- and 2-unit courses). Five (5) of the eight (8) courses
must be upper-division History courses: HIST 3xxx, HIST 4xxx, or HIST 5xxx.

At least 1 course per geographical region:

  • Europe: HIST 1000-1299, 2001-2299, 3100-3299, 4100-4299, and 5100-5299
  • US: HIST 1300-1499, 2300-2499, 3300-3499, 4300-4499, and 5300-5499
  • World Regions: HIST 1500-1899, 2500-2899, 3000-3099, 3500-3899, 4000-4099, 4500-4899, 5000-5099, and 5500-5899

At least 3 courses in one of the following concentrations (click here for descriptions of the concentrations):

  • Public & Applied History
  • Law, Politics, and Society
  • Global Economies, Encounters, and Exchange
  • Race, Gender, and Culture
  • Environment, Science, and Technology
  • Individualized Program

NB: Students who have bulletin years earlier than 2020-2021 are not required to take HIST 1995 and HIST 5995 and must complete only 40 units.


See also: LMU Bulletin: History, B.A.