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History Department

How did we get here? What were other times like? How and why do things change?

We live in interesting times! Now more than ever, it is important to understand how we got here, but also that "here" was not inevitable – that history is about contingency, about the factors and choices that shape a particular path, as well as about different times, societies, and possibilities. A History degree gives you the unique perspective acquired by studying the past and by understanding how the past is reflected and refracted in the present. The LMU History curriculum will train you to be alert, critical, and inquisitive – a careful and keen researcher and writer. Studying a broad range of places and times, you will become an informed global citizen, able to participate in public life with articulate, effective, and persuasive arguments. Your own research will demonstrate that historical interpretations are always changing, while your ability to make sense of complex problems will make you an effective decision-maker. When you graduate, you will be prepared to follow any career you choose, armed with knowledge, skepticism, empathy, eloquence – and perspective. Explore our website or read our FAQ to learn more. 

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