Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications 2018

The Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts is proud of our accomplished faculty's ongoing commitment to scholarship and creativity. Below are the 15 books published and 2 films worked on by our faculty in 2018.

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Upending the Ivory Tower
Author: Stefan M. Bradley
Associate Professor of African American Studies


Pope Francis on the Joy of Love: Theological and Pastoral Reflections on Amoris Laetitia
Co-editors: Thomas P. Rausch, S.J. & Roberto Dell'Oro
Professors of Theological Studies

By the Book
Author: Julia Lee
Assistant Professor of English

Taming Japan's Deflation: The Debate Over Unconventional Monetary Policy
Author: Gene Park
Associate Professor of Political Science

Women Who Rock
Editor: Evelyn McDonnell
Associate Professor of Journalism

The Moose in the Moon: And Other Poems for Children
Author: Gail Wronsky
Professor of English

Meta-Ecclesiology: Chronicles on Church Awareness
Author: Cyril Hovorun
Acting Director of the Huffington Ecumenical Institute

World Religions: Eastern Traditions
Co-editor: Amir Hussain
Professor of Theological Studies


The Argument Handbook
Author: K.J. Peters
Associate Professor of English

World Religions: Western Traditions
Co-editor: Amir Hussain
Professor of Theological Studies

Political Orthodoxies: The Unorthodoxies of the Church Coerced
Author: Cyril Hovorun
Acting Director of Huffington Ecumenical Council

Abortion Rights: For and Against
Co-author: Christopher Kaczor
Professor of Philosophy

Ralph Breaks the Internet
Story Contributor: Kelly Younger
Professor of English

Blessings and Vows
Screenwriter: Katerina Zacharia
Professor of Classics and Archaeology