Dear Colleagues,

Beginning in the academic year 2015-16, the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts will implement a shared governance system which includes the constitution of BCLA standing committees as set out in the BCLA Shared Governance Bylaws. The five standing committees include 

  • Committee on Student Engagement and Success
  • Curriculum & Assessment Committee
  • Faculty Development Committee
  • Faculty Review Committee
  • Graduate Studies Committee

The custom in BCLA has been that College standing committee members serve for two-year terms, with the exception of the Faculty Review Committee whose members served for a 3 year term. In order to provide some continuity where possible, members of the 2014-15 standing committees already in existence (e.g., Curriculum & Assessment) agreed to continue to serve for another year. The remaining open spots on a committee were filled as part of a special elections process during spring 2015. In cases where a new committee was constituted (e.g., Committee on Student Engagement and Success), the entire membership of the committee was populated through a nomination, acceptance, and election process. Once all the nominees accepted or declined their nomination, a Qualtrics survey was created to enable BCLA faculty and staff to vote online for the first time for the remaining slate of candidates for each committee. 

Early in fall semester, the BCLA standing committee members will coordinate their meeting times for the academic year. They will also take up the work of constructing their committee's bylaws, and proposing a plan for staggering terms of members of each committee to the College Council. The standing committee's chair will be elected at their first meeting.

We are very pleased to share the results of our recent and inaugural elections for BCLA standing committees under the shared governance system. We thank the 2014-15 College standing committee members who agreed to stay on for another year, and we join with all of you to congratulate the new members who were duly elected to fill the remaining open positions.