Odyssey Summer Program

Modern Greek Studies invites all LMU students to join the Odyssey Program. Spend 4 weeks in Greece, studying and exploring the land and culture that is the cornerstone of Western civilization and the nest of contemporary European and global developments.

The Odyssey Program begins in Athens where students visit the Acropolis, museums of ancient and modern art, attend performances, and walk around the city in order to experience the modern life of one of the most vibrant European capitals. The program then takes residence on the Aegean island of Spetses, famous for its revolutionary war history, distinctive architecture, stately historic mansions, and beautiful beaches.

The Odyssey trip concludes with a week-long cultural tour around Greece where students visit sites of cultural and historical significance such as Olympia, Sparta, Delphi, Epidavros, Corinth, Nemea, Nafplio, Mistras, Monemvasia, and Meteora. See our story map.

  • The  2023 Odyssey Program will take place May 27 - July 25, 2023. View the Odyssey Flyer 2023.

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  • Applications to the Odyssey Program are submitted through the Study Abroad Office.

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  • Read through some of our student testimonials below:

    “The month that I spent in Greece has challenged me through the academics, widened my cultural knowledge, and gave me genuine friendships that I will carry throughout life. I finished the trip feeling that I genuinely learned about Greek culture—past and present.”
    --Natalie Linzmeier '20, Communication Studies

    “The Odyssey program is fostered to introduce us to a new culture and open our eyes to the vastness of the world around us. During this trip, I have made friendships and memories to last a lifetime. I tried new foods, went ATV-ing, swam in the clearest water, saw ruins from the cradle of Western civilization, and was exposed to the kindness and welcoming nature of the Greek people”
    --Kiri Schawalder '18, Gender Studies

    “This trip was one of the best experiences of my life. I felt like I experienced Greece and its sites thoroughly and I have such a better understanding of Greece, its culture, and its history. I will remember it forever”
    --Sami Leung '18, Psychology

    “It was amazing! This program taught me a lot about myself, and undoubtedly impacted my life for the better. I have never spent such an extensive period of time away from home, besides college. I made amazing friends in a short period of time, and am happy to say my newly gained friends will be a part of my life for a long time”
    --Gillian Boss '19, Studio Arts and Art History

    “I loved the Odyssey program! I have traveled to over 30 countries, however, this trip was one of the most memorable. Through this trip, I met amazing people that I would have likely never ran into on campus. Even though I was away from LMU, I felt connected to it more than ever as I met individuals with very different interests than mine. Through this, I was able to understand what it means to be an LMU student even more”
    --Lauren Holmes '20, Communication Studies

    “The Odyssey program was an amazing experience. It was incredible to learn the history of Greece while traveling around and seeing it all in person. The landscapes were absolutely breathtaking. I feel so much more connected to Greece after participating in this program”
    --Annie Shane '19, Health and Human Sciences

    "I loved it! It was an amazing opportunity to be able to go to Greece while learning about its mythology and history. We learned more about the country than most visitors do and I think that allowed us to appreciate and experience Greece in a more in-depth way than other tourists. It’s an amazing place – the food is delicious, the people are nice and every beach you visit is prettier than the last. I will never forget my month in Greece and neither will you!"
    --Maddie Mary '17, Graphic Design

    “It was my first time being in a foreign country for so long and I was really nervous about going, but I am so glad I did. Greece was absolutely amazing and I learned so much. Everyone always says, "You have to go abroad!" Trust me, they are so right. My college experience would not have been the same without it and I am tempted to go again next summer”
    --Sophie Shook '18, English

    “I highly recommend this program to someone who is adventurous, interested in history, looking to fully immerse themselves in a new culture, and doesn't mind the beach life either! The Greece program has greatly opened my eyes, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be included in this Odyssey"
    --Paige Zollars '18, Communication Studies

    “My summer trip to Greece was certainly the most eye-opening experience I’ve ever had. The memories I made with new people, of new places, and of a new culture will stay with me for a long, long while. My education about Greek history, heritage, literature, mythology, and culture actually allowed me to gain more knowledge about myself, the world, and how to embark on each journey with open eyes and an open heart”
    --Alexa Garster '17, Screenwriting

    “Going to Greece was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Studying abroad allowed me to go in-depth into subjects that I may not have been able to study otherwise. The trip increased my self-confidence, sense of independence, and my ability to adapt to new situations. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to go to Greece. It is an experience I will never forget”
    --MacKenzie “Macy” Whitfield '17, Psychology and Business Administration

Students swimming in Spetses, Greece

“The Odyssey program has been an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to experience Greek culture in a way that would never have been possible on my own. I now have 19 more friends that I cannot wait to hang out with back at LMU. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will remember forever. I cannot wait to return to Greece and see more of this amazing country.”
--Cameron Walbridge '20, Marketing

“The Odyssey program was no mere vacation - it was educational immersion. The accompanying courses on Greek Literature and Mythology added significant depth to the trip, enabling my peers and me to garner a better understanding and appreciation of Greece - not only as a historical goldmine, but as a modern landscape. Even more, the economic crisis that took place during the time of our trip, was fascinating to follow in both my personal time and in classroom discussions, as I was in the midst of it, experiencing things firsthand.” -- Samantha Larson ’16, Communications Studies and Business Administration

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