Learning Outcomes

Students minoring in Modern Greek Studies will know:

  • the principle aspects of Modern Greek language and culture
  • the principle topics of Modern Greek politics and history
  • the beliefs and practices of the Greek Orthodox Tradition in a theological, historical, and cultural context
  • representative works of Modern Greek literary and artistic production as well as the theoretical tools for their understanding and critical analysis

Students minoring in Modern Greek Studies will be able to:

  • understand and communicate effectively in Modern Greek
  • make critical connections between past and present Greek history, literature, and culture
  • understand Modern Greece in a global context
  • express themselves with clarity, coherence, and intellectual force orally and in writing

Students minoring in Modern Greek Studies will value:

  • the distinctive contributions of Greek culture (past and present) to the world
  • multilingualism, multiculturalism, and inter-religious dialogue
  • connections across academic disciplines and their application to real-life issues
  • global awareness and respect for others