Torah Scroll 

There are many reasons to enroll in the Jewish Studies minor. We offer an interdisciplinary curriculum, with courses that originate in Jewish Studies, as well as in History, Film and Television, Business, English, Political Science, Theater, Theological Studies and more. The rich diversity of courses allows the Program to offer flexible requirements for the minor that also satisfy University Core requirements. The Capstone option gives the senior Jewish Studies minor a unique opportunity to pull together their major and the minor into a substantial research, service, or internship project. The summer international immersion courses (Poland and Israel) bring together a diverse student body with acclaimed faculty for a deeply-engaging site-specific study. All Jewish Studies courses and programs examine, in some fashion, what it means to be human.

Students from all backgrounds find the Jewish Studies program a valuable addition to college life. Jewish students find a community that connects them to their own Jewish practice and understanding. Students with some Jewish ancestry find a platform through which they can begin to explore their connection to Judaism. Non-Jewish students find a community that welcomes all those interested in Judaism. All students find faculty, courses, programs, events, and scholarship/internship opportunities that introduce, and deepen, their understanding of the religion, culture and history of Judaism. You don't have to be Jewish to be successful in Jewish Studies!