Jewish Life at LMU

Loyola Marymount University resources for Jewish Studies

Jewish Student Life at LMU
Includes information about Hillel at LMU, events and programs, and social justice opportunities.

Jewish Studies Sunday Book and Discussion Group 
Meets monthly in the William H. Hannon Library on the LMU campus for discussion.

The Martin Gang Institute
The Martin Gang Institute for Intergroup Relations is dedicated to the promotion of understanding between religious and ethnic communities in Southern California. Jointly administered with AJC Los Angeles, the focus of the Institute is to provide research and educational opportunities in intergroup relations. It is currently housed in LMU's Center for Religion and Spirituality.

Greater Los Angeles Area resources 

The Academy for Jewish Religion California
The Academy for Jewish Religion California is a transdenominational institution dedicated to the training of rabbis, cantors, chaplains, and other Jewish community leaders. Its mission is to develop religious leaders steeped in Torah wisdom and tradition and capable of transforming Jewish communities into places where all Jews can grow toward spiritual wholeness and well-being. It is the Academy’s intent to graduate Jewish leaders who will serve as agents of transformation wherever they work by promoting genuine concern for the joys and pains of all people, dedication to moral living, and commitment to viewing Torah as foundational for human wisdom and spiritual practice.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles 
Based on Jewish values, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles convenes and leads the community and leverages its resources to assure the continuity of the Jewish people, support a secure State of Israel, care for Jews in need here and abroad, and mobilize on issues of concern to the local community, all with our local, national, and international partners.

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust 
LAMOTH dedicates itself as a primary source institution, one that commemorates those who perished and those who survived by housing the precious artifacts that miraculously weathered the Holocaust era. LAMOTH provides free Holocaust education to the public, particularly students from underfunded schools and underserved communities. We guarantee dialogue with an actual Survivor, a living embodiment of history.

Museum of Tolerance
The Museum of Tolerance (MOT) is the educational arm of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an internationally renowned Jewish human rights organization. The only museum of its kind in the world, the MOT is dedicated to challenging visitors to understand the Holocaust in both historic and contemporary contexts and confront all forms of prejudice and discrimination in our world today. Established in 1993, the MOT has welcomed over five million visitors, mostly middle and high school students. Visitors become witnesses to history and explore the dynamics of bigotry and discrimination that are still embedded in society today. Through interactive exhibits, special events, and customized programs for youths and adults, the Museum engages visitors’ hearts and minds, while challenging them to assume personal responsibility for positive change.

The 1939 Society 
The 1939 Society is a tax-exempt, charitable and fraternal organization of Holocaust survivors, their families and friends. It is dedicated to Holocaust education, documentation, justice and the memory of the six million Jews who perished, the millions of other victims who lost their lives, and the righteous persons who stood up for human rights - so that it will never happen again! The Club develops its own programs and collaborates with, and donates to, other organizations to further these goals. 

Child Survivors of the Holocaust, Los Angeles
Child Survivors in Los Angeles were brought together in 1983, and since then our group has grown to nearly 500 members in California. We gather together to provide a supportive environment for child survivors by learning from each other’s problems and solutions. We celebrate Passover and Chanukah together and have several varied activities, including our very popular Summer Bash and Annual Retreat for the past 25 years. We are affiliated with the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust, representing nearly twenty thousand child survivors around the world.

Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles

Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles 

National and international resources

Western Jewish Studies Association 
A nonprofit organization founded in 1995 by the WJSA President, Dr. Lawrence Baron, and members of the association's Executive Board. Its main purpose is to organize and host a Jewish Studies Conference every Spring at alternating sites in the western United States and Canada to serve as a forum for Jewish Studies scholars in this region to present their research, discuss pedagogical issues, network with colleagues in their disciplines, and share information about the funding and organization of Jewish Studies programs.

Jewish American Holocaust Literature Symposium 
Annual conference in South Beach, FL. The JAHLIT symposium directors welcome an international body of scholars of Jewish American and Holocaust literature regardless of religious affiliation, denomination, or area of scholarly expertise.

American Jewish Committee 
AJC, established in 1906 by a small group of American Jews deeply concerned about pogroms aimed at Russian Jews, determined that the best way to protect Jewish populations in danger would be to work towards a world in which all peoples were accorded respect and dignity. Over 100 years later, AJC's unparalleled global diplomacy and legislative advocacy leverage our unique relationships with powerful leaders who influence policy. AJC is best positioned to respond to global challenges confronting the well-being of the Jewish people and threatening democratic values worldwide.