Minor Requirements

The Jewish Studies Program provides an academically rigorous minor to examine Jewish history, culture, faith, and practice in its unity and diversity across geographic, political, historical, religious, and aesthetic boundaries and dimensions. Through education, community outreach, and study abroad courses, we offer our minors a profound opportunity to engage others directly and constructively in order to promote greater understanding and appreciation of Judaism and its relation to other faith traditions, and to act together upon such respect and understanding. The minor provides students with a diversity of Jewish perspectives and is open to students of all faiths and backgrounds.

Minor Requirements

20 semester hours / 5 courses

  • JWST 3000 - Modern Jewish History
  • JWST 3750 - Judaism: Religion, History, and Culture (Ancient through Modern)
  • Two courses from the University Core, such as FYS: Literature of Exile and Terror, FYS: Modern Jewish Literature; Ideas of Zionism; The History and Psychology of the Holocaust and Genocide.
    • In consultation with the Program Director, other core courses may satisfy this requirement.
  • Choice of: JWST 4900 (Senior Capstone), an approved Study Abroad course, or an approved course in Jewish literature, film, or culture.

An average grade of C (2.0) must be maintained in minor courses.

Please note that courses from other departments may satisfy JWST minor requirements. Please consult with the Director of Jewish Studies to determine eligibility prior to enrolling.

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