Photo of Judy Dater's hands in the desert

Bellarmine Forum 2018-19

Collaboration and Creativity: Faith, Culture, and the Arts

The Bellarmine Forum is an annual celebration of the life of the mind in relation to LMU's mission and heritage. Each year, the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts offers a series of interconnected events and undergraduate courses that engage an important question or theme. The 2018-19 Forum is a partnership between BCLA and the Marymount Institute for Faith, Culture and the Arts celebrating the power and potential of human connection and creative collaboration. This year's Forum pays special tribute to the fifty-year anniversary of the affiliation of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and the Marymount tradition with the Jesuit and Ignatian traditions at LMU.

Many Faces of War Book Covers
Essays on the human condition and its response to war
Bellarmine Forum 2018-19
"The Bernstein MASS" on Mar. 27, 2018
Bellarmine Forum 2018-19
Connect, Collaborate, and Create
Bellarmine Forum 2018-19
"Judy Dater: Only Human" at the Laband Art Gallery
Celebrate Faith, Culture, and the Arts in the 2018-19 Bellarmine Forum
Judy Dater explains how photography helped her understand her relationship with others and with herself
Bellarmine Forum 2018-19
“De Facto” Feminism and Lived Intersectionality
"Crossing the Line": A play about peace, justice, and activism