Bellarmine Forum 2021-22

Climate Change, Justice, and Health

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems we face today. Rising sea levels, massive wildfires, and changing weather patterns are responsible for disrupting ecosystems, species loss, hunger, displacement, and economic devastation. According to the World Health Organization, climate change is the biggest threat to human health in the 21st century. Given the profound impacts of climate change on social and economic systems as well as on human and ecosystem health, this year’s Bellarmine forum will draw on insights from across disciplines to explore Climate Change, Justice, and Health in both local and global contexts. The Forum will place particular emphasis on how historic and contemporary forms of subjugation and exploitation serve as both drivers of climate change and the basis for the inequitable patterning of vulnerability to its effects. The Forum will also examine how societies and groups are responding to climate change, arguments about how it is shifting consciousness and personal behavior, and lessons about resilience and adaptation from the past and other species.