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The Bellarmine Forum

The ​2022-2023 Bellarmine Forum, ​Looking Back to Move Forward​, will reflect on ​the themes of previous ​forums and ​explore the evolution of ​the work ​that has been undertaken at LMU and in our communities at large. ​Students, faculty, and staff will engage with questions of social justice, ​health justice, ​the politics of culture, and spirituality. Through a ​select ​number of ​events, we hope to generate reflections and discussions on how we continue to navigate uncertainties and take time to ​consider what has come of these critical issues​, essential processes that will enable us to move forward together.


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Event Lineup


The Bellarmine Forum is an annual celebration of the life of the mind in relation to LMU’s mission and heritage. Each year, the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts offers programming that engages an important question or theme. These conversations and events impact the education of our students, provide space and time for critical reflection for our faculty and staff, and build capacity toward future programs. Events are open to the community.

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Bellarmine Forum: Looking Back to Move Forward

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