Narek Mkrtoumian presenting research

Faculty-guided research is an important way that UREV majors hone marketable skills in data analysis and geographic information systems (GIS). Many students take on research projects through independent studies, university-wide programs like the Undergraduate Research Symposium and Arts Showcase, and through unique internship opportunities available to Urban Studies and Environmental Studies majors.

Rains Research Assistant Program

This program is intended to support faculty research by providing financial support for full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty to hire a student research assistant. Students gain valuable learning experience and mentorship by assisting faculty members on their research projects.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) enhances undergraduate education by providing financial support for students wishing to engage in faculty-guided research opportunities and creative activities during the summer. SURP is a program designed to provide students with insights into the research process. Students are involved in an intellectual community of learners in which leadership, critical inquiry, and communication (written and oral) skills are enhanced. Participants write a proposal based on the formulation of research questions, conduct the research, analyze data, and publicly communicate the results to the academic community through a presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, a publication, or other professional opportunities.

Throughout the summer, SURP sponsors a number of co-curricular events and outings. Past events have included a welcome barbeque, a guided tour of the Getty Museum, and a movie night. Faculty mentors hold workshops and seminars throughout the summer to help SURP students build their research and presentation skills.

Independent Undergraduate Research Program (IURP)

Independent Undergraduate Research Program (IURP) provides financial support for students who wish to engage in faculty-mentored research. Financial support includes funds for research stipends, supplies, and travel. Over the years, a broad range of research projects in all disciplines have been funded.

Undergraduate Research Symposium and Arts Showcase

Held annually, the Symposium provides an opportunity for students to share their research and creativity with the LMU community. Presentation formats include paper presentations, panel discussions, poster sessions, and showcases of creative endeavors. Creative activities may include performances in music, dance, and theatre as well as exhibits in the visual arts and film.

Undergraduate Research and Travel/Conference Funding

Students who are conducting research or attending academic conferences may choose to apply for financial support from the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts (BCLA) Dean's Office. Qualifying projects include faculty-supervised research, research in association with a class, and attendance of/participation in an academic conference.

Senior Project (URBN 4000)

A capstone experience for all Urban Studies majors, the Senior Project is a supervised internship and directed research on a specific urban topic incorporating appropriate primary and secondary research methodologies and/or participant observation.

Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles

Qualified Urban Studies majors may apply for internships at the Center for the Study of Los Angeles, one of the top undergraduate research centers in the nation. Student researchers participate in research projects involving public opinion surveys, exit polling, and leadership and community studies.

Center for Urban Resilience

CURes supports a wide variety of research activities aimed at a better understanding of the biological and social structure and function of urban communities. Many of the center's studies involve LMU faculty, grad students, and undergraduates. For information about student independent research opportunities, contact the CURes Director of Research. Additional internships are available through CURes and The Bay Foundation's Ballona Living Laboratory, which provides students opportunities to engage in restoration and research projects that benefit local watersheds and the Santa Monica Bay.