Restorative Justice Emphasis

In partnership with a dedicated group of professors who are committed to promoting restorative justice throughout society, from effective conflict resolution in schools to reforming the criminal justice system, the Peace and Justice Studies Program is proud to highlight an optional Restorative Justice track for minors*. Students with special interest in this area will find a variety of classes dedicated to the emphasis that also fulfill their PJST minor requirements. For example, a PJST minor with a emphasis in Restorative Justice could select the following course lineup (this is only one of many examples):

CourseRequirement Satisfied
PJST 1000 | Intro to Peace and Justice Studies Required Foundational Course
CMST 3430 | Culture, Crime and Punishment Area 1: Peace and Conflict
PSYC 4033 | Community Psychology Area 2: Social, Environmental, Legal and Economic Justice
POLS 4030 | Punishment and Mercy Area 3: Ethical Approaches
SOCL 4100 | Criminal Justice Area 2: Social, Environmental, Legal and Economic Justice

The Peace and Justice Studies Program is especially supportive of restorative justice events and speakers, and students should check the website regularly for upcoming events and guest lecturers on campus. In addition, the program encourages students to engage in meaningful service and internships in their local communities related to restorative justice. To learn more about internship and service opportunities, contact the .

* Please note the Restorative Justice emphasis is not an official concentration that will appear on student degrees. This is a recommended course of study within the Peace and Justice Studies minor.