Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs

Students may participate in study abroad programs as a way to complement and enhance their academic goals and learning experience. While many programs are open to all students, the following are especially enriching for Peace and Justice Studies minors:

Zagreb, Croatia

In summer 2018, LMU launched a new Study Abroad program in Croatia, which focused on conflict, peacemaking, and interreligious dialogue. The program was organized and facilitated by Prof. Brian Treanor and the European Center for the Study of War and Peace, which was founded by two former LMU graduates: James Taylor (M.A. LMU, Ph.D. Boston College) and Petra Belkovic-Taylor (M.A. LMU, Ph.D. Harvard). Over the course of five weeks of intensive work, students completed two courses covering topics such as personal identity, group identity, scapegoating, peacemaking, transitional justice, and hospitality, among others. In addition to coursework and a range of immersive experiences with sites and survivors of the Balkan genocides, students visited several religious communities, spoke with and learned from a diverse range of local experts (activists, poets, religious leaders), and participated in a capstone conference at which they presented their own work. In the coming years, courses for the LMU Summer in Croatia program will include the topics mentioned above as well as others like Peacebuilding in Post-conflict Societies and will also satisfy elective credit for the Peace and Justice Minor. Interested students are encouraged to contact Prof. Jennifer Ramos, Prof. Treanor, or the Study Abroad Office. For more detailed information about this program visit the program brochure here.

Córdoba, Argentina: Casa de la Mateada

Casa de la Mateada is a social justice study abroad program. It offers a rare and exciting opportunity for students to experience praxis, community living, critical analysis and reflection, and spiritual formation in the dynamic city of Córdoba, Argentina. Offered in partnership between Loyola Marymount University and the Universidad Católica de Córdoba (UCC), this program reflects and embodies the Jesuit values at the heart of these two universities. Especially important is the Ignatian ideal of a “well-educated solidarity,” a concept students in the program engage on many different levels -- from the types of courses offered, to the intimate setting in which they are housed, and to the direct way they engage the Argentine communities with whom they work. Students spend a semester immersing themselves in the rich and complex cultural, social, political and historical realities of Argentina, learning to accompany those living on the margins, while also being challenged to grow and develop as persons for others. For additional information and to learn about course offerings by semester, please contact the Study Abroad Office or visit the program brochure here.

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