Courses Offered

Peace and Justice Studies Courses

Click below to see courses that qualify for credit in Peace and Justice Studies. Students are required to take a minimum of one class from each of the sections I - III, as well as the foundational course. The most up to date course descriptions can be located on the LMU Bulletin

EL = Engaged Learning Core flag course

  • PJST 1000 – Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies

    This course introduces students to the study of peace and justice, drawing on theories and practices from interdisciplinary perspectives. It aims to cover the development of the academic discipline of peace and justice studies as well as the histories and ethical dilemmas of non-violent social action and civil disobedience. Required for all minors.

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    AFAM 4642 Sex, Race, and Violence
    HIST 2300 Red, White and Black


    Conflict and Genocide in Africa
    HIST 4273 Nazi Germany (EL)


    American Reform Movements
    HIST 4540 The Palestinian/Israel Conflict
    HIST 4620 South Africa
    JWST 4350 The History and Psychology of the Holocaust and Genocide
    POLS 3650 US Foreign Policy
    POLS 3440 Politics of the Middle East
    POLS 3410 Politics of Africa
    POLS 3620 International Security
    POLS 3630 Peace and Reconciliation
    CMST 3430 Culture, Crime and Punishment


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    POLS 3350 Elderly and the Law
    POLS 5720 Comparative Human Rights


    Women and the Law
    POLS 3230 Courts, Laws and Society


    Urban Politics
    EVST 3998 SS: Women & Environmental Justice
    WGST 1000 Gender and Social Movements
    WGST 3200 Women & Environmental Justice
    WGST 2000 Women in Global Communities (EL)
    JWST 4370 Nazi Germany and Questions of Conscience
    SOCL 3250 Health and Social Justice
    SOCL 3341 Politics, Faith, and Civic Engagement (EL)
    SOCL 3290 Social Inequalities (EL)
    SOCL 4100 Criminal Justice (EL)
    SOCL 4103 Social Psychology and the Law (EL)
    SOCL 3390 Work and Economic Justice (EL)
    PSYC 4033 Community Psychology
    PSYC 3019 African and Black Psychology
    PSYC 3998 Liberation Psychologies
    POLS 3320 Social Movements
    THST 3752 Contemplatives in Action: Psychology, Spirituality, and Liberation (EL)
    CATH 3752 Contemplatives in Action: Psychology, Spirituality, and Liberation (EL)
    CATH 4998 SS: Pacifism & Peace Movements


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    POLS 5710 International Affairs and Social Justice (EL)
    POLS 3010 Classical and Christian Political Theory


    Punishment and Mercy
    THST 3560 Punishment and Mercy


    Ethics and Justice in Dante's Inferno
    THST 3286 Religion and (Non) Violence
    THST 3563 Love and Justice
    THST 3998 SS: Prisons and People (EL)
    THST 3260 Thinking Well, Doing Right
    CATH 3563 Love and Justice
    PHIL 3100 The Good Life
    PHIL 3110 Environmental Ethics
    PHIL 3112 Environmental Virtue Ethics
    PHIL 3160 Political Philosophy
    PHIL 3165 Philosophy of Law
    PHIL 3998 SS: Philosophy from the Periphery