Amnesty International Student Club

Amnesty International is an NGO focused on fighting for human rights for all. Amnesty International operates in eighty countries and helps to fight human rights abuses through their research and intensive campaigning. Amnesty International focuses on a wide-range of issues including refugees and asylum seekers, climate change, armed conflict and freedom of expression. Amnesty LMU will be focused on raising awareness of human rights insecurities in the LA area and beyond, as well as how LMU students may get involved to support movements to address the human rights concerns. During this time of virtual learning, the chapter's role will be primarily made up of virtual learning, awareness, and fundraising campaigns through chapter-specific initiatives and opportunities provided by Amnesty International USA. As a new organization, students will have the opportunity to take on leadership positions within the chapter and help define the chapter's role on campus. Chapter members also have access to webinars, volunteer opportunities, teach-ins, strikes, and other events provided by Amnesty International USA.

Please contact Amnesty LMU President William Lighthart ( for the Zoom informational meeting information.