Minor Requirements

The Peace and Justice Studies minor consists of 20 semester hours (5 courses, minimum 3 upper division courses). All minors must take PJST 1000 – Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies.
In addition, students must take courses within three designated areas with at least one course in each area:
  1. Peace and Conflict
  2. Social, Environmental, Economic and Legal Justice
  3. Ethical Approaches.

One of the 5 courses must include an engaged learning course, OR a student must do a peace and justice-related internship (see Program Director for more information).

An internship must meet the following criteria:

  • The internship must be a social justice organization
  • The particular internship position must allow the intern to gain substantive experience in a social justice organization, advocacy, or activism
  • The intern must complete 120 hours in the internship, which must be attested to the the internship supervisor via the LMU PJST internship Verification Form

The internship is a substitute for an engaged learning experience that would normally take place with one of the five required courses for the minor. The student must still complete five courses as specified within the minor.