Ariana Davidis  400 x 400
1. Major/extracurriculars/volunteering?

After taking a Rhetorical Arts course freshman year, I decided to major in English with a specialization in Literary Criticism and Literary Theory. Not too long afterwards, I started attending some of the English department’s events and extracurriculars and started writing poetry. During the pandemic, I joined the English Department book club. The author of one of the books we read was our guest for our final meeting. It was fun to listen to the author’s thought process and gain a deeper understanding of his writing.

2. Why did you decide to minor in Modern Greek Studies?

I declared my Modern Greek Studies minor during my sophomore year. As a Greek American with family in Athens, I felt it was beneficial for me to learn Greek and study the culture through the literature. Looking back, I feel I was fortunate to attend LMU because of its unique Modern Greek Studies program. It is the perfect complement to my English Major.

3. What did you study in the program?

In addition to completing the language courses, I focused on the literature and theater classes the Center offers. I found the Women, Madness and the Cultural Imagination class to be profoundly relevant. We read ancient as well as modern works which flowed seamlessly into Modern Greek Playwrights, my final class for my minor.

4. How did the program’s Modern Greek Studies community impact your experience at LMU?

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the larger Greek community at different events, especially at the performance of My Mother’s Sin. It was a festive event and a truly captivating production. This experience solidified my decision to pursue a Modern Greek Studies Minor. Additionally, this year, as part of the Modern Greek Playwrights course I took, my class saw a performance of Makriyanis Unplugged. The performance resonated with me and I am grateful that I got to attend. Another benefit was the scholarship and award opportunities available.

5. What are you doing now and what are your professional goals?

I am graduating in May and hope to travel to Greece this summer. I will be pursuing publishing opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Next year, I will decide about applying to graduate school.

6. Anything that you would like to share about the program with prospective students?

Whether you enjoy learning about other cultures or you would like to visit Greece, the unique academic opportunities in this program provide a deeper understanding of Modern Greece through a wide variety of classes, events, and activities. It is an incredible culture and the significance it imparts to the world today is something worth studying.