Master of Arts in Bioethics

LMU’s Bioethics Institute offers a Master of Arts degree program that was created to respond to the many ethical challenges presented by the life sciences and health care in contemporary society.

Balancing a challenging liberal arts and sciences curriculum with a commitment to social justice, the master’s program in bioethics:

  • Invites students to reflect systematically on contemporary issues in bioethics and healthcare from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.
  • Engages students in the critical analysis of bioethical topics through the interplay between ethical theory and professional practice.

Program Requirements

The Master of Arts degree requires a total of thirty credit hours of graduate coursework, completed over a program of 10 three-credit courses, including seven core and three elective courses. Students may choose to take up to two courses per semester in order to finish the program in five semesters.

The 10 required courses (30cr) include 7 core courses and 3 elective courses.

7 Core Courses

  • 6000 Introduction to Bioethics (3 cr)
  • 6100 Bioethics at the Beginning of Life (3 cr)
  • 6200 Law and Bioethics (3 cr)
  • 6300 Bioethics at the End of Life (3 cr)
  • 6400 Clinical Bioethics (3 cr)
  • 6600 Foundations of Theological Ethics (3 cr)
  • 6700 Foundations of Philosophical Ethics (3 cr)

3 Elective Courses

  • 6500 Elective Topics in Bioethics (9 cr)
    • Past Elective Course Offerings
      • Legal and Medical Constructions of Sex, Gender, and Sexual Identity (Spring 2015)
      • Catholic Health Care Ethics (Summer I-2015)
      • Ethics and the Brain (Spring 2016)
      • Hermeneutics (Spring 2016)
      • Issues in Biotechnology (Summer II- 2016)
      • Research Ethics (Summer I-2017)
      • Health Care and Justice (Spring 2018)
      • Philosophy of Medicine (Summer II- 2019)
      • Ethics and Disability (Fall 2019)