Graduate Certificate

Two test tubes, with pink caps, containing DNA strands

As an abbreviated version of the Master of Arts program, the Graduate Certificate program is a good alternative for students who are interested in studying bioethics at the graduate-level, but not necessarily in pursuing a full master’s degree. Many of our certificate students have complimentary professional degrees or experience in medicine, law, and ministry, and the graduate certificate enhances their work or broadens their professional scope. For others, the graduate certificate offers a glimpse into the field of bioethics that allows them to make more educated decisions about their next steps: whether it be further graduate study, preparing for clinical or consultative work, or something else.

Program Requirements

Requiring a total of 12 credits over 4 courses, the Graduate Certificate in Bioethics can be completed in a single academic year by taking two courses in both Fall and Spring semesters. 

Required Courses

  • 6000 Introduction to Bioethics
  • 6100 Bioethics at the Beginning of Life
  • 6300 Bioethics at the End of Life
  • 6200 Law and Bioethics, or 6600 Foundations of Theological Ethics, or 6700 Foundations of Philosophical Ethics


The Graduate Certificate Program follows the same application process and admission criteria as the master's program, enabling students who begin in the Graduate Certificate program to transfer onto the master’s track if desired.