Bioethics Hub

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The faculty, staff, and students at the Bioethics Institute envisioned a resource that would meet the various needs of the Southern California Bioethics community. Many conversations distilled into the concept of a “hub” that would serve as a point of contact between doctors, nurses, social workers, bioethicists, academics, students, and all who work in, study, or are interested in the ethical dimensions of the fields of biomedical and life sciences.

In pursuit of this vision, we have created the Bioethics Hub. Featuring a curated list of over 20 premier Bioethics Journals, a video library of lectures by prominent bioethicists, and a news section that highlights current bioethical issues, the Hub brings together many resources in one place. To illuminate the work produced at the Institute and within Southern California, we exhibit papers authored by our faculty and students, accompanied by commentary and supplemental materials.

As you explore the Hub, we hope you find it a useful example of the spirit that animates our Institute. We view the Hub as an integral part of our commitment to serve the field and the public by encouraging the dialogical exchange of ideas. The Bioethics Hub is proudly maintained by our graduate students, who work tirelessly to ensure the content is up to date and of quality worthy to bear the LMU name. You can access the Hub here.