Visit the BCLA advising center for comprehensive information on understanding core requirements, reading your Degree Audit report, processing academic forms, booking an appointment with a BCLA advisor and more!

Students are assigned a faculty academic advisor within their major or college. LMU offers an advising model based on a close student/faculty advisor relationship. This relationship offers assistance to students in achieving educational, career, and personal goals through the use of the full range of institutional resources.

In order to make the best of advising appointments, students are encouraged to become familiar with the degree requirements, coursework within the major, and other information about academic policies. LMU students must be pro-active in understanding the academic requirements, policies, and procedures which affect their studies and path to graduation. Students are further encouraged to come with well-developed questions for the advisor.

As part of the registration process, students meet with their advisors, who may conduct degree audits to assess progress toward completing degree requirements. Exceptions to University policy and changes to established degree coursework must be approved as exceptions by the Chairperson of the Department or Director of the Program and documented on a Degree Audit Adjustment Form (change to the student's degree audit). This form must then be signed by the student's Associate Dean's Office and submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

Students may find the names and email addresses of their advisors by logging onto Prowl and looking under the Student Services: Registration Status tab.

Degree Works

Degree Works is your degree audit, the formal record of your progress toward graduation. Students should check their degree audit at least once per semester and make sure they bring a current copy to all advising sessions. The degree audit report can be found by logging onto Prowl and looking under the Student Services: Student Records tab. For more information on how to understand your degree audit, please visit the Registrar's website.

Need Help?

For more information on advising, you may contact the following individuals in the Theology Department:

Dr. Tracy Tiemeier
Chair of Theology
Office: 310.568.6234

Dr. Sarah Emanuel
Director of Undergraduate Education in Theology
Office: 310.338.1683

Dr. Jonathan Rothchild
Director of Graduate Education in Theology
Office: 310.338.1716