Major Requirements

Meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow requires thoughtful and critical engagement by leaders in all fields. The Department of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University provides students with a broad and deep theological foundation, so that they might address the largest questions of existence in a range of vitally important disciplines and professions.

4-Unit Theology Major: Ten Courses (3 LD, 7 UD)

  1. THST 1000: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament or THST 1010: New Testament Contexts
  2. THST 1030: Exploring the Catholic Theological Tradition or THST 1080: Comparative Theology
  3. THST 1500: World Religions in Los Angeles
  4. THST Upper Division (Explorations: Historical Analysis Perspectives)
  5. THST Upper Division Elective (Flagged: Engaged Learning)
  6. THST Upper Division Elective
  7. THST Upper Division Elective
  8. THST 4000-Level Elective
  9. THST 4090: Major Theological and Religious Thinker
  10. THST 4091: Major Theological and Religious Theme

An average grade of C (2.0) must be maintained in major courses and at least 12 units in the major must be taken at the 4000 level. Additional philosophy courses are recommended and should be taken as early as possible.

A Theology Major must take 2 upper-division engaged learning courses (one is already required by the core; the other needs to be a THST engaged learning course).

Transfer students: 30 of the last 36 units must be completed at LMU.

It is recommended that students planning to pursue graduate study in Theology have a reading knowledge of two languages, classical or modern.