International Experience Guidelines for IR

The International Relations major seeks to cultivate a broad, deep, and engaged understanding of the international system, transnational phenomena, global economies, and relations among states. The International Experience requirement promotes the growth of active global citizenship and continued interest and passion for international affairs.

What counts for the International Experience requirement?

  1. Any (summer) semester or quarter long study abroad program that is approved by the Study Abroad Office;* OR
  2. For students that declared the major prior to 2021-2022, an international internship that satisfies the following criteria:
    • The internship must deal with international or transnational political (e.g. human rights, environment, etc.), business, legal, or development issue;
    • The internship must be with an organization or business that has an office in more than one country; or that clearly possesses a global perspective or orientation in its work;
    • The intern must complete 120 hours in the internship, which must be attested to by the internship supervisor via the LMU IR Internship Verification Form.

The internship is a substitute for studying abroad and the experience should parallel and simulate this experience to the greatest extent possible. Please note that in order to have the "international internship" count, the internship must be preapproved.


International students are not required to satisfy the International Experience requirement, as their studies at LMU are a study abroad experience. International students from non-English speaking countries also are exempt from the language requirements.


* Alternate break or short-term summer programs do not qualify. Students may seek approval for non-LMU study abroad programs.